Q: Can I get a steel handle set in a bronze patina finish, or vice versa? Can I get it in US10B? Can I get a brass handle set in Silver Patina? Etc…

A: No. Steel finishes cannot be applied to non-steel surfaces, just as brass finishes cannot be applied to non-brass finishes. Same goes for Bronze Patina finishes, there is no crossing over. 

Q: Can I get a template book?

A: Sorry, no. To assure you have the most current information for your door preparation, may we ask that you please refer to the Templates section of producers` websites or contact us.

Q: Can I phone in my order?

A: Yes, but to be sure that we have all the correct information, it is preferable to have a fax or e-mail copy of your purchase order as well as your contact and invoice details.

Q: Do you stock products?

A: All of products are manufactured to order; however, our sister company Montgomery Door & Hardware of Texas, US, may have some products on stock for immediate requirements.

Q: How can I get help specifying your products?

A: Contact our office. We will be able to assist you. For specific information or presentation we could initiate an online session with our sister company in United States.

Q: How do I purchase your products?

A: We sell directly to the customers. Please contact our office or showroom so we can best service your requirements.

Q: What are your lead times?

A: Our “standard” lead times run between 3-4 weeks for the European products within Europe and 4-8 weeks for the American products within Europe; for other locations time depends on the specific transport possibilities; however, we try to be accommodating for emergency requirements.



Q: What finish is best to use near the sea or ocean?

A: Although most of the finishes have been tested with salt spray for over 1000 hours and perform very well, among the best performers in salty environments are Chrome and PVD. 

Q: What's the best way to clean your hardware?

A: Never use any chemicals on any of our hardware. Just use warm water with a little mild soap, such as dish soap. Brass: Brass polishes contain abrasives that will scratch through the lacquer. This exposes the finish to oxygen, which causes oxidation, leading to tarnish on brass or bronze. Once oxidation starts, it will spread even under the lacquer. Also, it is important to note that even common cleaning liquids, such as Windex or other ammoniated products will remove the lacquer finish.

Bronze: To extend the life of bronze patina finishes, it is recommended to use a soft wax, such as Johnson Paste Wax or a soft car wax. Done regularly, this will decrease friction against the finish and should keep it looking good for a long time.

Wrought Steel: Rust is a live rust finish, it is actually rust. Exposure to moisture and oxygen causes rust to grow. Keep it as dry as possible. Flat Black and Satin Steel are powder coat finishes. 


Q: Why is my Oil Rubbed Bronze finish wearing and changing?

A: Oil Rubbed Bronze finish (10B) is a living finish, designed to wear over time and change in appearance. The distressed appearance is what gives oil rubbed bronze it's character. Finish discoloration is not applicable to the warranty.