Schlage offers a comprehensive line of credential readers with a range of technologies and form factors to meet a variety of security needs and budgets. The Schlage line of readers includes both smart and proximity readers, as well as multi-technology readers to deliver complete flexibility when transitioning from proximity tosmart technology. A variety of reader designs are available to accommodate a wide range of mounting applications.


Proximity Readers

• Schlage proximity technology offers your facility an easy and convenient access control solution. Proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation.

• The SXF1050, SXF1550, and SXF2110P-K proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective, and well suited for exterior and interior applications. These readers also have a sleek and attractive architectural styling. Proximity readers by Schlage offer a visual indicator and audio feedback representing status and activity information which make access control simple for users to understand.

• Proximity readers by Schlage operate on a Wiegand interface, are compatible with all industry leading proximity credentials, and are completely ISO compliant.


Smart Readers

• Schlage contactless smart card readers are the most secure readers in the industry. Instead of using open transmission protocols, Schlage smart card readers utilize high security data. Each message  between the card and the reader is digitally signed using Message Authentication Coding (MAC) to ensure the integrity of the data.

• Smart reader technology can be used in applications such as logical access, cashless vending, and cafeteria services.


Multi-Technology Readers

• Schlage multi-technology readers are the most flexible readers in the industry. Finally, one reader handles all applicable ISO standards (14443), and can handle multiple formats simultaneously. Schlage’s

multi-technology readers contain both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card capability in one unit, which allows customers to economically migrate to the latest in smart card technology at their own pace.