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21B/22B Series Padlocks

Best Access Systems

At the heart of every Stanley/Best padlock is a standard key removable core that is interchangeable throughout most of the entire line of BEST products. This standardization permits Stanley/BEST locks of any type, size or style to be masterkeyed into one system which can expand to include future locking needs. All padlocks utilize the interchangeable core which allows immediate rekeying at min i mal cost. Padlocks are

available in various case sizes and brass or stainless steel shackle sizes (see chart below). Brass or aluminum cases with brass shackles are also available. Options include key retained / non-key retained, bronze or steel chains, special case embossing (Brass case only), corrosion resistance, car seal. See pages 6-9 for a complete list of options available.



Case– Machined from solid extruded brass or aluminum. Standard finish is 626 satin chromium plated.

Width– 1 25⁄32"

Length– 2 1⁄16"

Thickness– 13⁄16"

Shackle– The shackle locks at both heel and toe. The length of shackle opening is measured from top of case to inside of shackle when padlock is locked.

Material– Stainless steel

Diameter– 5⁄16"

Width of opening– 7⁄8"

ASTM F883– Meets Grade 4 with stainless steel shackle.

ASTM F883– Meets Grade 6 for shackle cutting force with XSPL shackle option.

ASTM F883– Meets Grade 6 for option E. (Corrosion resistance).

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