ABLOY PROTEC key platform is based on the unique rotating disc principle, and are immune to the practice of "bumping" – a technique that involves the manipulation of the pins inside the lock. As Abloy cylinders do not use pins, this technique is totally ineffective.

High level of resistance to adverse climates and environmental conditions

Large number of different combinations allowing extensive master keying possibilities

No pins or springs to wear out

Virtually pick proof

With 1,97 billion different combinations per keyway, the rotating disc cylinder offers extensive master-keying possibilities.

It covers the complete product range of high-security door lock cylinders, deadbolts, industrial locks, cabinet locks, cam locks and padlocks. One key fits all when the system is keyed into the same master-key system.

ABLOY PROTEC also meets different standards by offering Europrofile, ANSI, Scandinavian, Australian oval, Tubular deadbolts and Finnish cylinders.