KESO 2000S Omega

With the time-tested modular system KESO 2000S versatility knows no bounds. An extensive range and varied cylinder designs ensure KESO 2000S can be used in custom-made and complex systems. All KESO 2000S Omega systems are supplied with standard Omega technology.

Basic drilling protection included

Increased drilling, extraction and snapping protection optionally available.

Unlimited use due to a wide range of cylinder designs.

Interactive KESO Omega technology is standard in the 2000S Omega System


The KESO Omega key for systems 4000 and 2000 includes an integrated pin with a spring to activate the corresponding Omega bolts in the cylinder. This mechanical system considerably increases copying protection. As the owner, you always have control over all copies of keys as key blanks are not available on the free market.


Brochure - KESO