SL309 Full Surface Pin & Barrel Hinge

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MATERIAL: 14 gauge 304 stainless steel barrel with .25" diameter 304 stainless pin. Long-life nylon split bearings.

LENGTHS: 79", 83", 85", 95" and 119" lengths standard for nominal door heights. Custom lengths are available.

LOAD/FREQUENCY: For doors 48" wide (max.) weighing up to 400 pounds (medium-frequency) without frame or door reinforcement; up to 600 pounds (low frequency) without frame or door reinforcement.

FINISH: US32D satin stainless steel (630).

CLOSERS: Conventional overhead surface, concealed sliding arm overhead or floor closers may be used with SELECT hinges. Pivot-type floor closers (with a fixed, conflicting center pivot) must be replaced.