Lever Extension Flush Bolt with Bottom Fire Bolt No. 555 x 18BFB



Material: Flush bolt - brass.

Bottom fire bolt - stainless steel.

Finishes: Available in standard architectural finishes

Fastener: 8 ea. #8 x 3⁄4" FH combo screws.


• For Fire Rated Hollow Metal Swinging Doors measuring up to 4'w x 9'h rated up to and including 3 Hours.

• Fits ANSI A115 door and frame preparation.

• 3⁄4" bolt throw, 3⁄4" rod backset.

• 12" rod length (center of face to bolt end - retracted).

• 11⁄2" adjustable bolt head.

• When door is subjected to 230˚F the plug and black plastic cover will melt allowing the bolt to project, locking the leaves together.

• Bottom fire bolt eliminates need for floor prep.

• Oversize fire bolt strike hole allows for slight door misalignment.


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